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The roof is a major component of your house in Brighton. In addition to protecting the building and its inhabitants from external factors such as temperature and precipitation, it gives structure to your home. This is why when it comes to construction or refurbishment, we advise you to choose the best for your Brighton property, at the right price and with a free quote.

Fortunately, Royal Roofing Contractors provides the ideal roofing solution for residents in Brighton. With the right combination of quality and price, you can get a bespoke roof perfect for your property. Get a free quote so our team can install your new roofing according to industry best practice, and be assured of the security and longevity of your roof.

Specialist Roof Installers At Royal Roofing Contractors

For more than 10 years, Royal Roofing Contractors has been providing quality roofing options. This includes new builds, refurbishments, repairs and maintenance services. We are fast building a reputation for excellent roofing services. Whatever the type of property, from domestic to commercial, you are guaranteed a first-rate service.

What’s more, our company is comprehensively insured to protect our tradespeople and the customer’s property against any unforeseen circumstances. Although we take pride in the experience and competence of our service team, our insurance cover is merely an extra measure for double protection.

Roofing Costs In Brighton

Our roofing costs may vary depending on the type of material, height of building and scope of the project, but the following are some rough estimates.

Please note that it is subject to change depending on the respective properties.

Small roof repairs

This could be a couple of slipped slates or a few broken tiles. Sometimes, a disconnected gutter or damaged pipe joint. The cost of material is usually low and can be easily supplied.

Roof repair up to half a day

Low-cost sundries are often supplied free of charge. In some cases, a small job can take as much time as a bigger one, apart from a service.

A day-long (or more) roof repair

Sundries are free, but we charge materials at the market price. Customers can rely on us for transparency and fairness.

Velux window or something related

We repair both large and small roof windows, including tiled roofs. If you have any issues with your roof windows or would like to replace them with slate, our team can deliver in a day.

Bay window roof

Whether you want to replace with lead or fibreglass, our services fall either into a half or full day category. Materials are charged at their cost price, plus the amount for new milled lead for the newly installed lead roof.

New fibreglass valley or new lead valley

The cost of a new lead valley replacement is usually the same rate as a one-day roof repair as mentioned previously. We will also factor in the costs of supplying new milled lead at trade price. It is less expensive to buy a fibreglass GRP valley, but fitting will cost the same.

Fitting a roof vent

If you would like to fit one or two roof tile vents, it may range between £100 — £150 (labour cost) plus the cost of the vent, (usually £30 apiece). Working on slate vents take longer and may increase the cost.

Cost Of Pitched Roof Replacement In Brighton

Assuming you want a complete replacement of your old roof, and you choose the Redland 49 roof tile or something like the Marley Ludlow.

Calculating the covering cost of these tiles, or something similar by other manufacturers will help decide a final price. For example, if the house is a standard two storey building with easy access and not a massive structure, the purchase and installation cost would be reasonable.

Cost of a new roof (estimate)

To determine the cost of a new roof (using a basic terrace house as a model), we first calculate the square meterage. This can be done from the bottom or the top of the building using a ladder. Generally, all roofs can be broken down into a series of sizeable chunks, and the amount can be calculated from the figure of the final square meterage.

Suppose we have calculated the house to need 55m2 of tiles (allowing 3m2) for breakages. With the Redland 49 tiles it works out at 15.7 tiles for each square meter.

This is 15.7 X 55m2 = 864 roof tiles.

Calculating the cost of each tile and the labour, as well as other factors, will determine the overall cost we charge for a replacement.

Cost of a terraced house new roof

The average roof area of a medium sized terrace house = 55m2.

The following items needed include:

Standard grade tanalised roofing battens
New milled lead valley (+ sundries)
New milled lead flashings
Good quality (breather membrane)
Nails and fittings
Low profile roof vents (about 4)
Ridge tiles
Roof tiles
A week’s worth of labour
Although this is a hypothetical example, it gives you an idea of how a new roof price is calculated.

Please note that prices change every day and these costs are a hypothetical estimate.

Why Choose Royal Roofing Contractors?

We are accredited roofing contractors
Having been in the industry for over a decade, we have developed quality industry standards. We are an accredited business, FSB members

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Our team consists of certified experts
At Royal Roofing Contractors, we have an experienced team of professionals who have undergone years of training and certification.

Affordable prices

The cost of our installation and maintenance services are extremely competitive in Brighton and the neighbouring areas.

Quality materials

We are such sticklers for quality and therefore do not compromise on quality. You are guaranteed long-lasting roofs with a warranty of up to 10 years.

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